NOGOODFORME.COM has been blogging at such a consistent level of awesome for, like, a million blog-years – so like, six or seven years. I have no idea how I came to find it – I think one of the contributers might have commented on my site back in the dark ages. I often recommend it to people who I think would really dig it, and it mystifies me that no I know has ever heard of this site. I really like it when I discover good blogs that are slightly outside the circle of familiarity, but when it a blog is SOGOODFORME, why doesn’t everyone else already know about it? For some reason, Final Fashion has never shot to super-celebrity fashion-darlingism, and in my darker moments, I can’t help but wonder why that is. I may never know, but it is probably not a coincidence that the blogs that I really like also don’t seem to receive the kind of accolades I believe they deserve.

Plus, I just realized that I blatently/inadvertantly ripped off their Snapshot posts for my new category system. Sorry girls, and thanks! They just did a bit of a revamp on the site too, so it loads faster.

OK, so sit down with a hot drink and turn off your phone, because there is a lot of archives to go through. A few highlights from 2010:

OK, that’s just from this year, and it was really hard not to just link to everything. There’s way, way, wayback more. Go, enjoy, bookmark, subscribe, you’re welcome.

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2 thoughts on “reading – NOGOODFORME.COM”

  1. awwww, thank you SO MUCH, danielle. such kind words esp. mean so much coming from someone with such a dope blog themselves!

    we def. need to do more Is Astrology Real posts!

    xo k.

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