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It seems a bit quiet here on the blog, doesn’t it? Between a lot of work and packing and purging and so on, I’ve been experiencing the a little bit of the blogger’s block. I know that there needs to be a bit of a change for Final Fashion but until today, I’ve been uncertain about how that will look.

Today I made a decision to revise the categories I post under. Categories are really helpful, I find, for structuring and planning posts. I’m feeling a sense that I need to simplify, and also to be able to respond to the way that people access, consume and create blog content now.

Also, as I said before, I want to make the blog a bit more personal and raw. If there is a touchstone for Final Fashion, I feel like the essence is seeking an independent, creative career in the fashion industry. That seems to be the common thread in all the things that fascinate me enough to dedicate considerable attention towards. And everyone has a lot less attention to give these days, so I feel that the content needs to be very heartfelt. Its not about consistent posting, its about meaningful posting. So the more thinky stuff will be more infrequent, but hopefully stronger because of that.

In between, I’d also like to incorporate the briefer type of posting that has developed on sites like Tumblr. I want to experiment with a more curatorial approach to blogging in between the more creative, original content that is so much more labour intensive. Beyond fashion, I’d like to talk about the culture I consume and maybe even suss out why it is worth my time.

So I’ve created nine revised categories, and here they are with my thoughts of what they’re for. Let’s see what sticks.

thinking – is pretty self explanatory. It’s the category that came out of just a thought… except it is a less self-deprecating way to describe the things that are on my mind to such a degree I feel compelled to try and articulate them. I do a lot of thinking, and the purpose of Final Fashion from the very beginning was to provide a place for me to share those thoughts, whatever they are.

trending – this is to cover one of my fascinations – watching trends – especially business trends and macro trends – as they apply to fashion. I also occasionally do twitter updates titled “trend fatigue”, which call out stuff I think is overplayed, and I think that could easily adapt to a picture-and-caption blog update. Also, like any fashion person, I occasionally am pleased when things I like come into vogue, and I think it would be fun to mention those too.

drawing – I’m very grateful to get as much illustration work as I do, but the side effect of that is I don’t have the same time and energy to draw just for the blog any more. I think this category will mostly feature client work, and personal stuff whenever I doodle something good enough to share.

wearing – I put the call out there a while back that I would blog about the clothes and accessories that I actually wear. I’m grateful that a lot of what I acquire is gifted from some very cool brands. Believe it or not, occasionally I actually have the discretionary income to buy things too.

attending – I’m also lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to cool events and do neat things every once in a while, and even sometimes have permission to invite readers to come too if they’re in the neighborhood. So that’s what this category is for.

adoring – just sounds so much better than “digging”, “crushing” or even “loving”, and this category is a place for me to share all the beautiful stuff that hits me right in the heart.

watching – TV shows, movies, YouTube vids, I watch ’em like everyone else. And now, I’m going to share them with you so you can watch them too. Lucky you!

listening – podcasts and music, as a freelancer I spend a lot of time keeping myself company with recorded voices and music. So now you’ll get an occasional audio update.

reading – books, blogs, newspapers, magazines, I like to read a lot, and I like throwing in my two cents too.

Thanks as always to everyone who reads and connects, it is because of you that I find Final Fashion to be such a rewarding pursuit. And also, thank you for standing by when its time for me to figure out a new approach or direction. Expect to see posts under the new categories on Monday.

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4 thoughts on “reinventing final fashion”

  1. This sounds great, Danielle. You do such an amazing job already and I look forward to the new direction! Thanks again for coming last night, it was lovely to see you.

  2. its good to re-invent yourself once in a while. Change is great. 🙂
    Looking forward to reading your adventures in London. 🙂

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