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Netflix is in Canada now, and the first month is free – what a lovely time suck it has been. It is so pleasant to have good films to keep me company while I do all the manual tasks associated with moving. I really enjoyed An Education, not sure why I hadn’t heard of it before.

Without giving it all away, I just want to describe the reasons I enjoyed it. It is about a precocious teenager who discovers that she is not as smart as she thinks she is. The best part, though, is that she loses her innocence on exactly her own terms, living out her fantasies, and even though coming down to reality is painful, the mistake itself was so idyllic that it is anything but regrettable.

There’s something about allowing yourself the indulgence of delusion, intentionally or not, which I find so striking at this time of my life. Sometimes, disconnecting yourself from reality, just enough to fully experience a waking dream, creates the most indelible memories.

Besides the brilliantly acted story, there is delightful fashion in this movie – early 1960s. The starring actress, Carey Mulligan, looks exquisitely coltish in her grown-up clothes.

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