wearing – Roots Modern Satchel

This is a pretty standard fall outfit for me, but it includes the new purchase – the Roots Modern Satchel. This is the most expensive bag I’ve ever bought, and I’m totally smitten by it. I love the leather on Roots bags, its so thick, substantial and yet also soft. Considering this will be my standard, go-to bag, I love that it feels so comforting to touch. My last main bag was from Fossil, and I also loved it; but it was only partially leather, and the nylon bits all began to shred after a few years of frequent use. This one is 100% leather, and I’m positive that it will only improve with age.

When I fly to London, I only get three bags: a big suitcase, a small carry on suitcase and this bag. It’s a man sized bag, so a bit oversized on me, but considering I’ll need all the volume I can get, this is the one that will carry all the most important possessions in its spacious interior. Another benefit: it is made in Canada and only available in Canada, so when I’m away I’ll have something from home to hold close, and something that won’t be on every London girl’s shoulder.

Also, I just noticed that the local street art I recorded earlier got dressed up with an octopus and some cats. Maybe I should add my own touch before I go.

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8 thoughts on “wearing – Roots Modern Satchel”

  1. I’m not a purse person, but I do carry a messenger bag. Yours is making me totally jealous! I love that it’s big and roomy (and I bet it smells fantastic). It’s going to look amazing in 20 years after being weathered, too.

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