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Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

When I revised the categories on the site, I was thinking I’d shelve the click click posts. Then some of my favourite readers protested, and I like doing these little collections of links, so click click lives on. This is a long one because its an accumulation of several week’s worth of clicks.

Kevin found this picture by Sharon of The Backseat Stylers and used it to illustrate one of the sweetest posts I’ve ever read about anyone – and he wrote it about me. I literally teared up reading it. I’m in the lower right of the picture, making the acquaintance of Brian Bailey at the VAWK FW10 show last spring. Thanks Kevin and Sharon, for capturing me as I was in Toronto, without me even realizing it.

  • David Mitchell’s Soap Box – this link was sent to me by The Grumpy Owl as a bit of a primer on Englishisms, and he picked one rant in particular on “Authenticity” which is especially appropriate for my usual frame of mind..
  • 50 years of Dr. Martens – feeling quite sorry I missed the half-hour BBC4 doc (pun intended) but thankful there is also a 9 minute documentary to watch. (Update – Good Clobber saved the BBC4 doc for posterity, thanks!)
  • Fashion’s Most Feared Critic – fount this brief profile of Cathy Horyn, pointing out the writer’s blind spots, to be reassuring. There are vast tracts of fashion culture that totally fail to fascinate me as well. I’m not going to bother feeling insecure about that anymore.
  • Princess – Annching shares her thoughts on the phenomenon whereby any woman can be a princess, though at what cost. Its something I’ve been thinking about lately and considering posting about too – though I consider myself something of an anti-princess.
  • Dear Gap, I have your new logo – touching on a subject that bugs me – the crowdsourcing of creative work by companies that can clearly afford to pay for it. Personally, I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the old GAP logo at all. The trend towards softer, rounder, lowercase logos with gradient elements isn’t my thing. Still, I thought the internet overreaction to the new logo seemed to be taken a little too seriously by Gap.
  • No Make-up Week – this was a terrific blog carnival, and Zoetica’s series, from a dedicated make-up lover, made for particularly compelling blog reading.
  • The new fashion forward – Sarah Mower tackles fashion’s asynchronicity problem.
  • Toronto Fashion Bloggers: The New Class – Degrassi-style, we’ve passed along the torch of city-specific fashion blogging to the next generation.

Click Click Karma for a flock of incoming linkers and commenters, transatlantic kisses to all –

  • The Simon Tonekham Statesman“I’m into public transit, music, photography and computers.”
  • The Agenda – Anita from I want – I got breaks down the fashion blogging scene in Toronto, and mentions me and TFBB.
  • Tashrin“I love beautiful clothes, vibrant colours, anything with an ethnic flair and hearty home cooked meals. “
  • Brill Communications – the good people at Brill are blogging now and tipped their hat to me – tipping back!
  • Life by Saje“Likes – food, travelling, boys”
  • NEW BLOOD STYLE – beautiful fashion illustration.
  • Roots Buzz – Roots picked up on my Modern Satchel love.
  • What Would Jilly Wear“Dressing unapologetically… then apologizing or reserving the right to at a later time”
  • Renee Sylvestre-Williams“Renee is a writer and editor with more than 10 years online experience. She has covered fashion, real estate, shopping, health and news.”
  • Amy Uhrich“My goal is to create a unique and delicious aesthetic; to live magically and highlight the wonder in life.”
  • The Fashion Buzz“Welcome to the honeypot of style”
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3 thoughts on “click click – 28-11-10”

  1. Thank you for sharing my link! I am really enjoying your recent posts about life in the UK, discovering a new place, and a new way of life. Can’t wait to hear where your adventures take you!

  2. A belated thank you for sharing my link Danielle! As I commented before on the Dressed for Dinner blog post, I’m happy to contribute to such a lovely send-off. The credit, in fact, should probably go to my husband though, who is the (un)official photographer for The Backseat Stylers. Hope all is well on the other side of the pond!

    – Sharon

  3. Talk about sporadic; I’m finally back to my blog after a 3 month hiatus, only to find the supreme compliment that is you linking out to it! I am extremely humbled and also feel guilty for not having been keeping up to date. Danielle, a heartfelt thanks to you. I am back on the blogwagon so let’s keep in touch.


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