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If you follow me on twitter or are friends with me on facebook (and if you’re not, why not?) you know that in addition to an interest in fashion I am a great fan of comedy. Besides liking a good laugh, for some reason I always seem to crush on comedians instead of rock stars or athletes. Maybe its because the comedy format often makes it easy to imagine they are talking directly to me, maybe because being hilarious is a tremendously attractive attribute. The best is when they break character a little, perhaps because it reveals some vulnerability.

So for a bit of comic interlude here, apropos of nothing, I’m sharing five of my all-time favourite comedy crushes.

Ze Frank

I became a Ze fan when he was doing “The Show”, a daily video blog in 2005-2006. Ze’s smart and funny and a bit manic and over the course of the show you get to see him when he’s hyper and when he’s tired and when he’s pissed off and when he’s excited, which enhances the imaginary boyfriend experience. I remember eagerly waiting for each show to be posted with the same anxious enthusiasm as a teenager waiting for a phone call.

Hot musical interlude: “Work This”

BONUS: nudity.

Demetri Martin

Fell hard for Demetri Martin with his breakout BBC/Youtube solo show, “If I”. This is one of the nerdiest, most unusual hours of comedy I’ve ever seen, but more than that, it is a profound story about how he figured out his own identity and ambition. Plus, he has really shiny hair. He went on to get his own show on Comedy Central, Important Things, which is also hilarious. Each year his hair gets a bit shinier and he seems a little more aware of his babe factor, but a little ego is OK – he’s earned it.

If I on Youtube

BONUS (Canadian link): Demetri explains the secret to his hair.

(Postscript: there is an extra on the DVD of Important Things season 1, where he molests a dummy, which is so ridiculously wrong and somehow hot at the same time)

Jimmy Fallon

Not many comedians can get away with cracking up in every single sketch, but Jimmy can (at least with me) because he is so frigging adorable. No wonder most of his fans are women.

He was at his best on Saturday Night Live, when he was skinny and in his 20s and just seemed a little too aware of how cute he was. Before he got all thick through the neck and started wearing a tie all the time.


Jimmy Fallon in a hot tub with Drew Barrymore, Will Ferrell and Rachel Dratch, giggling non-stop: no one kept a straight face in this skit.

Stephen Colbert

I am just one of millions of Stephen Colbert fangirls out there. Maybe its because his persona is so over-the-top, but all he has to do is drop the bluster to reveal the real Stephen, even for just a second, and it melts my heart every time. (Oh, and Jon Stewart is a babe too.) No wonder there is an entire genre of fan videos out there dedicated to classic Colbert character cracks.

So far one of the greatest disappointments of moving to the UK is that The Colbert Report doesn’t seem to exist over here. Heartbreak!

Iconic Daily Show character break: the innuendo is way too much for Stephen.

Hugh Laurie

Sure, Hugh Laurie is a pinup for millions as Dr. House, but to me his most crushable moments are from his earlier career as a comedian. He’s lovely as a playboy in Jeeves and Wooster and as a daft prince on Blackadder. But the best material is from the sketch show A Bit of Fry and Laurie. His comedy team mate Stephen Fry also deserves a special mention for being a gorgeous gay crush object in his own right, well worth giggling at.

“Intimate Moment”

Bonus: Stephen Fry on “How to be Gorgeous”

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  1. Hey Danielle,

    A great comedian friend of mine who grew up in Toronto now lives in London, I’ll send you a link to his comedy FB page! You’d like his quirky, thoughtful humour…and he regularly plays in and around where your new place is!


  2. also find “a bit of fry and laurie” it’s HILARIOUS! likely some of the sketches are on youtube, I found it online somewhere last summer. 🙂

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