wearing – Cougar Boots

Just a quick snapshot of me in between a million other things to do before I depart to London in… two days!?

Word-of-mouth marketing outfit Matchstick offered to send me some Cougar boots weeks ago… and due to, um, life, I didn’t receive them until last night. Yesterday was an overwhelming day. I moved out of my studio for good, said a tearful goodbye to my parents, tried to get some work done on my new Macbook Pro laptop in a cafe for the first time ever, got my two front teeth fixed by the dentist, and crashed in a sleepy heap at my grandparents’ condo.

The boots – I really like them!  I’ve never had a nice pair of rubber boots before and I dig the motorcycle styling. I’d love to take them with me to London but the packing situation is pretty tight as I’m attempting to move with just one checked bag, one carry-on bag, and of course, the Roots Modern Satchel. Considering my Dr. Martens fetish, excess kilograms are a problem. I’ll work it out somehow.

I’m wearing the boots with a nice trench I bought at Banana Republic, and my new hairdo from the kids at the Aveda school. I’m off the straight iron, seeing as I’m moving to a damp country I figure I need to reconcile my vanity with my natural wave. I feel like a new girl – new teeth, new hair, no home.

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11 thoughts on “wearing – Cougar Boots”

  1. I think you should take the rubber boots as England is supposedly wet. They are pretty funky rubber boots. AND you can buy some Docs in Europe, hopefully at a good price as they’re from there?
    My solution is usually to wear the heaviest footwear on my feet while travelling but rubber boots are probably not great on the breathability… Maybe you should send yourself a box;)
    Good luck, Danielle!

  2. Been following you from the very beginning.
    Thanks for proving that being in the “Fashion Industry” and a “Mentsh” doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive.
    Looking forward to your next chapter…heart felt well wishes.

    The Unwashed Masses XX

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