click click – 27-12-10

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

The Making of Robyn’s ‘Indestructible’ Music Video with EXTRA FOOTAGE from Lucy McRae on Vimeo.

  • Fashion Blogger Burnout – Crosby at PR Couture writes a terrific (and for me, timely) post about reassessing where fashion blogging is at these days and how it makes ordinary fashion bloggers feel. Check the comments.
  • New American Apparel Ads – AA is using illustration in advertising for the first time – whether its for creative or financial reasons, its an audacious throwback in an era where mainstream advertising is so dominated by photography. Do you like the drawings? They have a very austere, almost instruction-booklet quality to them I think.
  • On the front lines in the vintage clothing war – ever wonder where those mismatched racks of hand-knit sweaters, disheveled furs and spangled frocks come from? Terrific article.
  • I Hurt I am in Fashion – sometimes those fashion editorials seem to call out for a caption ridiculous enough to match the picture, and someone in internet-land has provided.
  • Pattern Puzzle – Shingo Sato – Kathleen shares yet another mind-boggling feat of pattern-based fashion design.
  • My First Times – the leap into the unknown and from dreams to reality – triple threat blogger Garance Dore shares her inauspicious beginnings her her inimitable way.
  • Ask Nubby: Is a Freelance Career Right for You? – a sensical answer from a total inspiration.

Karma for friendly linkers & commenters, thanks all –

  • Toronto’s fashion class of 2010 – one of my favourite people to disagree with, Sarah Nicole Prickett, calls me out for something I’m happy to be nominated for – being a somewhat dissenting voice back when I was a part of the Toronto fashion scene.
  • FASHION MADE ME FUNKY“I’m Jenny, a Canadian girl with a softspot for vintage, the ocean, bicycle rides and Montreal bagels”
  • the girl with the messy hair.“A 20-something blogger who left her sunny tropical islander life in the Philippines to live in freezing cold Canada.”
  • FROCK & ROLLa lifestyle blog with a fashion, rock and roll and nonsense flavoured twist!
  • no substitutions“We are two people with tricky eating habits and intolerances, whose hearts sink a little bit every time we see ‘no substitutions’ on a menu in Toronto and beyond.”
  • Sogni e Sorrisi“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might just find you get what you need.”
  • Edgina“This is a collection of visuals and ideas gathered by an architect and a graphic designer.”
  • F A S H I O N M I N U T E “Your dose of fashion + conceptual from personal fashion stylist”
  • Top 15 Canadian Fashion Blogs – Fashionism collects some of the very best and honours me by including Final Fashion.
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