London notes – 09-12-10

I thought that my window would be good for sunrises, but ever since I moved in every morning has been as grey and dismal as the one before, until this morning when the sky was lushly coloured and almost cloudless behind my grubby window pane. Watching the daylight creep over the morning trains and planes while I started my work for the day made me feel like I must be in the right place after all.

I’ve been blessed with the pre-Christmas rush, working for clients in Canada and North America – my little studio got set up just in time. The other day I bought a used office chair so I’m no longer feeling busted after sitting on a plastic folding chair when I work. Now, working in London is exactly like working in Toronto – albeit with less than 10% of the space and stuff I used to have. It really is remarkable how little I really need.

Life living cheaply has not been without its trials. I got sick from a man on the tube and was laid up for a few days, with my tiny room closing in on me and suffering from a feeling of homesickness and isolation. Getting food was more difficult because I was ill – and the kitchen I have access to has mice – I found out by literally stepping on one and killing it by accident, I’m not kidding. And the hot water was cut off for a couple days. But these are all things I can deal with, even ignore, especially now that I’m feeling better.

With my health gradually coming back, I’m trying to balance time in my room spent working with time spent getting out there and meeting people – whether hanging out in busy restaurants where everyone is sociable or going to museums and little art events. Last night at a tiny art show I met an illustrator and artist I admire very much – Julie Verhoeven (a detail of one of her pieces is above). So, I’m beginning to feel like a member of society again.

What else? I went to the Museum of Childhood in my neighbourhood (as recommended by Breeyn) and they had a spectacular exhibit of papercraft architecture. Of course I used to make all sorts of papercraft little houses and scenery as a kid of my own – not from kits either – and it gave me inspiration to try that stuff again.

There was so many other things there that were captivating – dollhouses and paper doll games and so much more things I love. It was the loudest museum I ever went to – it was full of tons of little children running around and yelling. Definitely worth going back to.

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  1. Love ur memories, Im reading them from so far, Im in Ecuador South America, and they keep me fascinated.. Truly envy u haha

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