London notes – 13-12-10

I paid plenty for new front teeth, I might as well show them. Here’s another Photobooth shot, which shows that I have my health back and I’m working. Lots of deadlines, lots of drawing, so life is good.

The truth is, this has been a weird couple of weeks. I don’t think of myself as being a shy person, but for some reason in situations where I’d normally just bomb in and say hi to people, I find myself feeling uncommonly withdrawn. Working is good, but it keeps me in my room and I’ll find days when I really don’t speak to anyone over the course of the day, unless I’m ordering food. What I do is somewhat solitary so this was also always the case in Toronto too, but for some reason I feel it more strongly here. I haven’t really found my people yet and knowing me, it will take a little time. I’m trying to recognize the positive aspects of being somewhat lonely, and cultivating a sense of patience.

It helps to know that so many others go through the same feelings when they arrive in a new city. It can feel weird and impenetrable sometimes.

I haven’t been closely following the news – but yeah, a lot of things are going on. I went to the RCA to visit the library and say hi to Julian, and I arrived at a freshly abandoned scene where protesters were making signs and getting ready to walk over to parliament. I don’t know how I feel about this sort of stuff – I’m not really an activist by nature, it always seems to me like things are so complicated and people decide how they feel about them before they even try to understand them, so I always prefer to embrace my own ambivalence towards political protests, and perhaps even more so because I don’t feel like this is any of my business.

It was also an open day at the RCA that day and I tagged along on some of the tours of the labs, which were impressive. After seeing the work-in-progress exhibit a couple weeks ago, it was neat to see the scene where the students work, and I’m truly impressed by the possibilities and the facilities and the sense of creativity which seem to be everywhere in this city.

Fellow Toronto fashion kids turned London fashion kids had a little festive get-together yesterday before they all leave to visit home. My contribution was to make cookies – these are my Mom’s thimble cookies, I made them to make myself feel more homesick I guess. I won’t be going home for Christmas for the first time. I’m not a particularly sentimental person… but I guess I am right now. That is OK.

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4 thoughts on “London notes – 13-12-10”

  1. I’ve been extraordinarily lucky to be able to fly “home” for Christmas each year since moving to Canada, although I stay here during Thanksgiving. Being here for that holiday wasn’t homesickness-inducing until this year (long story), but I know that if I wasn’t able to make Christmas, I’d be very unpleasant to be around. I’m thinking very happy thoughts for you over the holiday (and in general!) in hopes that it’ll take the edge off. <3

  2. OH Daniel!! happy to know you are safe, in your new home!! Sad that you are home sick. I know what that feels like! WHAT new teeth? what happened? you look wonderful and your apartment looks like a fresh canvase. Hope you fill it with lots a Great stuff!
    Love you

  3. Hello, darling! Missing you lots here in Tdot – can’t believe you met Julie Verhoeven, she is amazing!!!
    So glad to hear you’re feeling better and back to work now. I remember the Christmas I spent by myself in France was totally weird. It didn’t feel like Christmas at all – maybe doing a Charles Dickens themed walk-though-London would be fun on Christmas Day? Let me know if you have time for a skype date!

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