making – Christmas card at DRINK, SHOP & DO

Nathalie-Roze sent me a link to a cute little shop in up by King’s Cross station called DRINK, SHOP & DO. It is like a little cocktail bar/tea room/gift shop combination, and in addition to lovely things to drink and buy, they also have activities available like board games and various other events.

I decided to go for Christmas Card making today, and even though I was far too early for the social part of the evening, I was graciously given a box of crafty scraps and a jar of pencil crayons and markers, and over a cup of tea I set to work.

On the way over in the tube I had come up with an idea for a textured Christmas Card, made with small scraps of paper cut into little fringes and then glued over one another to form a Christmas tree shape. In my little box of scraps I found plain red paper and sparkly red paper, and also small downy red feathers which created a nice variation of texture within a monochromatic colour scheme. I’m really happy with the results.

I’m going to send this to my lovely Australian family in London, who so kindly let me surf on their couch for 12 days in November while I found my feet.

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