click click – 26-01-11

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

Scan via Ivanhoe Books. Now this is a really gnarly journal. I’ve been reading Ossie Clark’s diaries, such a candid and raw memoir of a fashion career, so unusual for a designer. No polishing the legend, it is refreshing to follow the rise and fall of a remarkable, complicated man.

  • The Colour of Beauty – this short NFB documentary follows one of my all-time-favourite Toronto models, Renee Thompson, as she navigates the go-sees of New York. This girl the definition of fierce, she’s got a sense of rhythm that few models can match. Not surprising that she’s the subject of this hit pop song.
  • Behind the Tweets: learning from the best of the fashion Twitterati – BoF interviews three of New York’s most prominent PR tweeters. BONUS: Susie Bubble talks “queen bee” blogging and cash.
  • Into the Gloss: Amy Astley – a refreshing, conversational account of working one’s way up to the EIC position in fashion magazines. Best: “They want to talk about business—their business, your business—oh, I learned a lot… I was always really fascinated. And it’s helped me tremendously because my job now is not just a creative job, or a visual job, it’s a business job.” THIS. When it comes down to it, ALL fashion jobs are ALSO business jobs, and you can’t be competitive with creativity alone. Hat tip @sarahlyndsay.
  • Is Pink Necessary? – a book review that makes me want to read the book – I admire any author who hesitates to draw conclusions – all about the prevalence of Princess products and culture for little girls.
  • Tumblr is Sending 20+ Bloggers to New York Fashion Week – perhaps even more interesting than the press release is the bitter discussion its provoking, all about the nature of content creation versus curation, the pipelines that feed images from brand to blogger, and the eternal arbitrariness of sponsorship in fashion. BONUS: Not on Tumblr but still up for playing the popularity gambit to win a free trip to NYC? Refinery29 is on the Hunt for the Next Big Style Blogger.
  • How ‘it girl’ scaled the world of fashion – throwback to 2006 for a story that hints at the reasons why ‘it girls’ function in the fashion world. For those that work hard at “doing” something in fashion, nothing is quite as galling as seeing those that seem to float to the top just by “being”. The nature of fashion celebrates unfairness. Think about it.
  • Hate Yourself Pretty – some (hopefully) obsolete beauty advice that is incredibly violent and masochistic. Via Worn Journal.
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