drawing – illustrations for Jabberdust

Last week I shared the rough thumbnail concepts I came up with for Jabberdust. Leah and I selected five designs we felt had promise, discussed some changes, and I developed more some more polished illustrations to help communicate the ideas to the factory. The next step is samples; at this stage Leah is in contact with India, negotiating what can and cannot be done. I expect there will be some design creep from these drawings – there always is – and I’m (patiently, of course) looking forward to seeing the developments as they are executed in fabric and embellishment.

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6 thoughts on “drawing – illustrations for Jabberdust”

  1. (droooool) These pieces are so out there! That sea urchin looking shrug is particularly interesting, although I think I’d be most likely to snatch up the last one. It’s like… HD Fashion or something!

  2. Hi, i love your beautiful finished illustrations!! i was just wondering how you completed them? are they hand drawn, or do use you computer programs to complete them and if so, which ones, thanks!!!

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