click click – 20-03-11

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

Just a brief clip from a game of fashion blogger mad libs I played with Fashionist. Oh yes, I can be a little bit facetious!

I’ve never met Danielle Meder of FINAL FASHION but have had the pleasure of reading her blog since she was a Ryerson fashion student. Danielle’s brand is one that seems to be a natural extension and progression of who she is, and that’s someone who is raw and curious. Her blog is reflective of independence and journey.

Tip o’ the top hat to incoming linkers and commenters for making my website a little richer.

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One thought on “click click – 20-03-11”

  1. On Twitter you wrote: Thinking of starting some kind of e-mail newsletter or promotion. Can anyone recommend an example of mass-emails done right?

    You hold the key in your In-box. What lands in your in-box that has actually gotten a response from you. E-mails with working links, interesting graphics and helpful information are “the cheese” that moves the mouse.

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