drawing – the Giles technique

I saw Giles in conversation with with Colin McDowell at the Design Museum last month, talking fashion illustration, and drawing live for an enthralled audience. Giles came across as an incredibly industrious, clear-headed designer, all the more impressive considering he was just back from a long season’s work that ended with the Emanuel Ungaro show in Paris.

Giles gave some great insight into drawing which is so simple and yet something every illustrator needs a reminder of again and again: draw the way you want! Don’t compare your work to other illustrators, just connect the line with what comes naturally from inside you. He said that at his studio, he has occasional drawing days, where the whole studio just sits down and draws, without any particular agenda, just to create together at a raw level. I think that’s a wonderful way to work.

One technique he used which I bookmarked to try later was just drawing a simple, abstract line, and then building a fashion figure off of that. For these two, I started with the strong blue line and let the line decide what type of figure would come out. One girl turned out super-casual – the other is haute glamour. Fun.

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4 thoughts on “drawing – the Giles technique”

  1. these are beautiful….. are you selling?
    i have a serious aesthetic crush on your fashion watercolour sketches.

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