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The @TimesFashion tweeted a challenge to design a wedding dress for Princess Kate, which Sarah Joynt pointed out to me as an opportunity to maybe win some London press. Didn’t I mention she had a keen mind for PR?

I am not a passionate royalist or bridalist, but I always love drawing beautiful women in dresses. Collecting visual inspiration to capture Kate’s likeness made me appreciate what a gorgeous English rose she is – especially when she smiles. I wanted to give her something modern, but as I worked on some ideas I found that something more romantic just seemed right.

This is one of the few occasions where an old-fashioned train makes perfect sense – Kate will not only be seen from the back, but also from above, and in incredibly grand surroundings. This made me realize why they made Diana’s dress such a massive meringue. My own ideas of what is lovely for a bride are much more understated – which perhaps suits a modern royal bride in an age of austerity?

There are thousands of illustrations of dress designs for Kate online, by everyone from famous designers to kids, and its fascinating to see the range of ideas on one subject. The challenge for the designer who actually has to design this dress is huge – the level of expectation is so incredibly high, and the images will be so indelibly historic. How would you approach dressing a princess bride?

UPDATE: this illustration was featured under “the best entries so far” on thetimes.uk.co! This counts as my first-ever major UK media mention. =)

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