press – The Times 27-04-11

Did you watch The Royal Wedding? At first, I didn’t think much of it but as the day came closer I just relaxed and let myself enjoy what really is a rare spectacle, sort of the highest form of reality television, and of course a grand fashion moment shared with millions. Best, I got to share the experience of watching it live with my mom over the phone. A while back, The Times called for readers to submit their own sketches of possible wedding dresses, and I was pleased to be featured online on April 27 with a positive review. All of the submissions were so different!

The real dress designed by Sarah Burton of McQueen is exactly right. The challenge of even just sketching an idea that was appropriate really made me appreciate what a task the real designer was in for. Burton succeeded and exceeded expectations – the dress was grand and yet still modern, simple and yet still ornate, and perfect for the setting and the occasion. Bravo.

I am glad some of the Times readers liked my idea too. Thanks very much for the complimentary reviews.

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