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I’ve mentioned that I’m bringing my paintbox with me everywhere – the results are mixed but sometimes turn out quite well. Drawing without any particular goal in mind, I tend to fall into playing with line, like this sketch. I did this while enjoying a drink with a new friend and reader, Andrew, who is a fashion designer with an awesome illustration style too.

  • Why fast fashion is slow death for the planet – while the public rarely looks past the price tags, a vast human supply chain churns out the avalanche of ubiquity that is high street fashion. So few take the time to examine the human and environmental injustice that a £10 tank top represents.
  • Post-Recession, the Rich Are Different – tangential to the issue of “cheapskating” mentioned in the article above, the definition of luxury for the rich is shifting further upstream. “this may be a reaction to the corporate push of commodity luxury. Clients these days covet things that aren’t mass-produced.”
  • Preppy power – the trendiest fashions for youth are angling towards class affirmation – that is, rich kids are dressing like rich kids again. This reactionary vanguard against hipsterism is outfitted by retailer Jack Wills in the UK, and the story of how that business is built is an interesting one. Thanks to The Fashion Recruit for the heads up.
  • Trend-spotting is the new £36 billion growth business – and it is the closest thing to capitalist mysticism there is. One of my goals is to sketch for a trend forecaster. Just putting it out there.
  • free telejam – I really enjoyed this MP3 file featuring female entrepreneurial masterminds Danielle LaPorte and Marie Forleo. Some very gnarly points in there to absorb.
  • Desperately Seeking Symmetry – Radiolab is a favourite podcast, and one segment in this episode (starts at the 20 minute mark) totally threw me. Did you know it matters what side you part your hair on? I knew hair is important, but I didn’t know that.
  • The Rise of the Superblog – fashion bloggers are watching the recent aggregation scheme NOWMANIFEST with interest. An excerpt from my comments“To give up total autonomy affects the ability to be creative and to make independent business decisions. For strong *personal* voices/visions like Rumi and Bryanboy, I feel that their independence is their unique strength. Combined together, something intangible, yet significant is lost.”

Proper karma for incoming linkers and commenters.

  • Cherie City “a guide to all the strange and exciting things to be found when you step off the main streets of Europe’s coolest cities.”
  • Anu Raina“It started with a piece of paper and india ink…”
  • THE DUSTY LOFT – “design + fashion + life + vancouver”
  • 48 Hour Adventure“city guides and other various travel musings by an Australian in London”
  •“Mehrnaz is an astronaut, a gypsy, and a king…but at the end of the day, she’s just an artist.”
  • A n i a . B“It’s amazing to know that in a city with so few fashion conscious people that there is a whole world of ones who get it.”
  • Alfred Kenney “Jewelry that embraces understated elegance, that lures the eye, unexpectedly and intuitively.”
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