drawing – engineered prints for scarves

The Shared Scarf Project is all about co-design. Master’s student Jen Ballie, The Textile Sampler, is testing out techniques of interactive, experiential design, by hosting free workshops. I went to one where we were exploring ideas for engineered prints for scarves, where I came up with the idea above, the watercolour buckling layers of tracing paper, creating an illusion of atmospherical depth. The one below I doodled over a roast dinner with friends on Sunday.

I very rarely work with colour and pattern alone, trying this out has been fun. It reminds me of embroidery, minute details executed carefully.

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2 thoughts on “drawing – engineered prints for scarves”

  1. Both prints are beautiful but I`m drawn to the geometric one more. I hope you explore this in your art more. The results are great.

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