mutual portraiture with Barima

Meeting kindred spirits in blogland is the best. I discovered Mode Parade through The Grumpy Owl, and only recently noticed we were both now located in London. Barima and I share a few affinities including flaunting our vast vocabularies and a fascination with the characters and fashions of the past.  Lately I’ve been bringing my paintbox with me everywhere, so today over tea in Soho we painted each other’s portraits.

My version of Barima. He pointed out that I didn’t quite get the shoulders right, a bit too square. He is right, of course.

Below, Barima’s version of me. At first vanity declared it didn’t like the emphasis on the dark circles under my eyes, but the more I look at this, the more I enjoy it. Thanks Barima.

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2 thoughts on “mutual portraiture with Barima”

  1. I love the contrast in the two styles of painting! Having studied a “fashion” approach to illustration (Taller! Younger! Slimmer than in reality!), it stands out to me when art does not gloss over imperfections but draws them out.

    While Danielle’s illustration soothes the eye with elegant lines and stylish shapes, Barima’s painting challenges me to find the beauty for myself. Both leave me thinking that the subjects are gorgeous people, but they make me reach that conclusion in different ways. Well done!

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