new fashion paper doll series

It has been far too long since I’ve done a paper doll series, eh? The first part of the process is developing a new croquis, or figure. I selected a simple, versatile pose that will also allow me to do shoes in side view, and hats in three quarters, which is a bit more exciting than full frontal. I want to focus on creating more accessories this time around.

So, what sort of theme should this series be built around? Designers again? I would like to focus on something more enduring than seasonal collections this time. The dolls could be based on specific muses or models or actresses, film or literary characters, or they could represent various style tribes, eras, etcetera…

Your ideas are welcome. Leave a comment and let me know what sort of doll you would love to dress.


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6 thoughts on “new fashion paper doll series”

  1. The thirties and forties, but with your twist, the clothes were fantastic, and your style would go with them so well!!

  2. I would like to see you explore the “slut walk” through time and space as a paper doll theme.

    Your earlier post on slutty dressing as a matter of taste didn’t dig very deep into the significance that provocative dressing has on women’s political, social and economic rights and privileges worldwide and through time.

    If you look carefully, I believe you will find that whenever a group of women dress in a way that that pushes the status quo aka “slutty” or in “bad taste”, this is a manifestation of a bigger cultural change. They are called “sluts” only untill their movement is adopted by society, after which they can be pioneers/heros. “Slut” is the purgatory of women who dare to step out of the role that society laces them into.

    Think of those “sluts” who first wore dresses without trains so they could do factory work more safely in the 1800’s, or those “sluts” who stopped wearing corsets so that they could ride horses, bicycles and cars as well as men (horse riding still being the only Olympic sport where women compete directly with men). Let’s not forget those “Sluts” who burned their bras so western women like us could reap the benefits of the sexual revolution such as reproductive rights and social acceptance of sex before marriage.

    These ideas could be explored nicely through paper dolls. Why not do some dolls of women worldwide who’s freedom or lack thereof is symbolized by their dress. How about a doll in a burka, or in an Egyptian abaya? (Would what we consider to be in excellent taste be considered slutty in other places of the world?)

    Having all of these symbolic garments (or the many others like them) interchangeably made for the same doll would make it all the more meaningful.


  3. Thanks for the comment, (refers to this post: I think taking on that topic in what is essentially the form of a game trivializes it, and I’m not even that good at taking on that topic with words, apparently.

    I once turned down an editorial job where they asked me to do a paper doll of a muslim girl who had been killed by her father for dressing in western clothing. Besides being tasteless, it takes all the fun out of paper dolls. I would never use paper dolls to address a subject that I think ought to be taken seriously. Not coincidentally, I wouldn’t wear a crop top and hot pants if I wanted to be taken seriously either.

    I have another post coming up where I make my case for “dressing feminist”. You may dig this one by Rachel –

  4. Hi Danielle: Well i would love to see one of your paper dolls wearing really cool, comfortable polar fleece outfits. Interesting tops, and bottoms. there so right for our Canadian Climate. I even have some ideas!
    Good luck old neighbour!

  5. I think a “Modern Brides of The World” would be awesome, with attention to detailing in the area of custom and cultural items in the various parts of the world, and how distinct the wedding dress looks.

  6. I would love to see one inspired by the character Blaire Waldorf from Gossip Girl. The show sucks, but she has such a great style.

    Or maybe Emma Watson with clothes from her line Love from Emma by people tree (a company that makes all environmentally friendly clothing)

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