project – Jabberdust results


The much anticipated finished samples of the Jabberdust project have arrived in Toronto, been photographed, and on the suggestion of Leah, I fitted them on illustrated models. Are you a retailer or an individual interested in purchasing any of these beautiful, hand-embellished accessories? Contact for more information.



These are based on ideas I proposed, which Leah then developed. If you’re interested in the process of creating these designs from pencil scratch to embellished sample, check out these posts.

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6 thoughts on “project – Jabberdust results”

  1. So gorgeous! You both did an amazing job. Danielle, I really feel like you added some modernity and your own unique eye to Jabberdust’s creations. They are still Jabberdust, but these pieces are more futuristic and forward-looking…I suspect this line will do very well. I’m off to go save up some cash to buy that shrug!

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