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Rarely do outfit posts anymore because I left my tripod behind in Canada, but this thrift find was too good to forego documentation. Boyfriend jeans… with provenance. Scroll on…

I’m also feeling pretty well because I’ve just made a life-changing decision last week. I’ve decided to rent desk space, so I’m no longer working in my bedroom. I’ve been keeping a diary for a side project, and it was strange to read in so many words where my headspace is really at – I was feeling isolated and confined. So over the weekend, I split my life into two spheres, two categories of possessions, with a pleasant 5 minute walk in between. My tiny room feels much more spacious, and I have a nice big chair and desk in a shared office. The feeling is an expansive one, and I’m hoping the division will be worth the expense.

I also recently bought the perfect summer sandal. I’ve been on the hunt for these for a while. I need something solid enough to stand daily wear and walking, look cute but not too girly or too trendy. Everywhere I looked, I found paper-thin soles, ubiquitous trend-victim gladiator styling, fussy details, fake leather. There is an abundance of cheap and tacky on the high street. Then I went into Ecco, a store full of awfully dowdy, if sturdy, shoes, and there were my lovely sandals! Bought them without regret and my feet have been happy ever since.

Anyway, the jeans. They look well enough on. When I saw them in the charity shop, I was like – oh, there’s a very decent pair of men’s Levi’s – classic 505, thick denim, real wear but not overly destroyed, and just small enough to fit me with a belt. But what made me had to have them was the provenance – I found two notes in the pocket. One was a love note, indicating that these jeans were indeed once worn by someone’s boyfriend. That’s as close to truly authentic boyfriend jeans as a single girl is going to get.

I showed these notes to a couple of guys who instantly scoffed at the quality of this love note. “Not all shoes need laces, this is not accurate! Woop woop?” – so I guess if you’re going to send a guy a love note, perhaps its good to know that they’re fact-checking it.

The best part was the other note, which listed a few potential job leads and a takeout order. It sort of gives a picture of the kind of boyfriend (or girlfriend maybe, the documents are gender-ambiguous) who wore these jeans.

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4 thoughts on “what I wear – genuine boyfriend jeans”

  1. Hi Danielle,
    I love this post. I just assumed when I read the note that it was from a guy to a girl, but I guess if they were found in ‘his’ pocket that wouldn’t make sense. It could also be from a gay lover. It’s so special to find something so personal in pre-owned clothing. Gives you a connected feeling. You own those jeans. They look like they were always yours.
    Congrats on your decision to get a separate office – smart move.

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