Fashion Fringe sketches

Thanks to Colin McDowell and the Design Museum, I had the lucky chance to sketch at the Fashion Fringe show. The live version is on the left – the more polished version is on the right. Click for big.

Fyodor Golan was the night’s award winner.

Heidi Leung, my personal favourite. (See a slide of the rough overlaid with the final here.)

Nabil El-Nayal, the crowd favourite.

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3 thoughts on “Fashion Fringe sketches”

  1. These are so GREAT! I am taking a life drawing class in school this year. Really makes me appreciate how wonderful of a drawer you are! hope you are enjoying europe.
    LOVE to you!

  2. Absolutely brilliant! Love how you ‘do’ life and ‘draw’ life/style. You are amazing. Thank you for the inspiration you give so freely. Carry on.


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