the fashion week thriving kit

This is not another fashion week survival kit. Why focus on just surviving, why run with the middle of the pack? Fashion week is there for the taking. So why not pack a thriving kit instead? And instead of filling the bag with a bunch of branded merchandise, fill your head with some idea of why you are there and a vision of how you can rock the week.

Don’t try to do it all. Do it better. You are a human being. Focus your resources on your strengths. What is your favourite part of fashion week? What makes you excited about fashion? What do you want to achieve this season? Great fashion and great content thrive on inspiration and enthusiasm. Good work also takes energy and time to produce. Give yourself time and space to do your best, forget the rest.

Have a strategy or an idea. Keep it achievable, but inventive. Bring something new, every season. This is part of the joy of fashion. It might not be great every single season. That’s the way creativity crumbles. Doing something is better than doing nothing. Aim to make yourself useful, or better yet, delightful.

Meet people. It is a human mixing machine. For one week, everyone who shares the fashion proclivity will share tents. Queues and seating and parties will have you rubbing fabric-clad elbows with them all. Your tribe are in there somewhere – find them. There will be a few remarkable talents on display – celebrate them wholeheartedly.

Observe people. It is a stadium of style. Tremendous Darwinian diversity, and some species of style more successful than others. What are the differences this season? What are people discussing, dismissing, desiring? Fashion occasionally transcends – you might have the rare opportunity to witness that. Keep your eyes peeled.

Be kind. Be grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it. Fashion is temporal. No season, no city is identical. Attending or participating in a fashion week in any capacity is a very unique experience that not everyone gets to do. Have a good one.

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5 thoughts on “the fashion week thriving kit”

  1. Very good advice! It’s easy to get swept away with the drama of fashion week and get stressed with the queuing and missing shows. That’s not the most productive way to use fashion week time.

    I’m planning on being selective and trying to see my favourite designers and discover some new ones.

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