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Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

These images of Paris front rows past are from a wonderful retrospective on The Cut.

  • Intimate Hangover – I was thinking the other day about Agathe from Style Bytes – if you recognize that name you’ve been hanging around fashion blogs for as long as I have. This article, even in awkward translation, is a poignant retrospective on the euthanasia of a popular blog.
  • Theatre of Fashion – it is rare that I come across a fashion blog as inspiring to me as this one. Amber posts about costume, history, theatre, film and fashion with impressive depth of research and a wealth of rare images.
  • Made Better in Japan – obsessed with detail and accuracy, the Japanese are earnestly recreating new and improved vintage Americana. It looks exactly the same but the almost scientific theory behind it couldn’t be more different from the casual rebellion that the original styles represented.
  • Thoughts on a Word – if the etymology of beauty fascinates you, there’s a deep well of content here. I’m only halfway through, to be honest.
  • Who Can You Trust? – a wordy exploration on the practice of naming styles of garments. I’m not sure anthropomorphizing cropped jeans really is a poetic way to create warm quasi-relationships in a cold technological age. A good name won’t make a top seller – but it helps hit garment become more memorable – not to mention more searchable in the age of online shopping.
  • New York Fashion Week: Why I slept through it last time, and why I sort of want to again – how much youthful hope and energy gets burned every season producing repetitive, soulless, quasi-commercial “content” – it makes you wonder why so many people have the magazine dream in the first place. Working at fashion week doesn’t have to be this way – pick your career (and your attitude) wisely and you can make money and have fun like Rachel at A Material World.
  • The Best Clothing Inspires Fear – Cintra Wilson discusses aesthetic strategies of protest.
  • What Your Street Style Pose Says About You – a “body language expert” takes on street style and… I don’t think she nailed it. See my take here. While we’re on the topic of streets and poses too, this is an amusing art concept.

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