paper doll – Naomi Campbell

A new paper doll! It has been over six months since the last one. This one is inspired by another British fashion model, Naomi Campbell, and some of the memorable outfits and items she has worn over her significant career. Making this doll, I was struck by Campbell’s amaranthine beauty – her body is so finely formed even fashion designers hesitate to cover it up with much – and her super-sweet smile. In this format, I can only capture a fraction of the essence of this incredible female.

You can purchase a high-resolution, print-quality PDF of this doll personal use, to print, cut out, display and play with, for just $9 USD.

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6 thoughts on “paper doll – Naomi Campbell”

  1. Amazing, as per usual. Your work always makes me so happy. As wonderful as Naomi’s physique is I sometimes suspect that designers’ reluctance to cover it up, has something to do with how black female bodies are commonly over-sexualised. As racist as the fashion industry often is there is a weird politic at play when it celebrates black female bodies, Yves Saint Laurent is a good example, though he helped break racial barriers by making black models more visible, his thoughts about how and why and what they were were far from progressive.

  2. In my opinion she is a supermodel, and I don’t use that term lightly. Looking at her pictures to get inspiration for this was a total joy, especially because she is so often just as smiling as she is lithe. She is vital.

  3. I really enjoy the paperdolls! I like the style, although some outfits arn’t what I would wear, even if I could fit into them! Most are beautiful, wonderful styles and colors. Take care of yourself, and keep doing the dolls!

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