sketching street style at LFW

When my invitation count ended up being, in spite of my utter lack of importance, pitiful, I decided to do something a bit different this season. I went to the art store and bought a travel easel so weather willing, I can set up studio in the courtyard of Somerset House and make my marks alongside the photobloggers as the beautiful people enter or exit or go blithely wherever they’re invited. This setup allows me to sketch bigger than I ever can on my knee at a fashion show, and unlike my fellow courtyard rats, I’m not chained to reality.

The sun has blessed me with a couple beautiful days and I’ve been burning through more ££s of paper than I care to contemplate. Here’s a selection of what looks good enough to post so far. Show sketches are on their way too – and I’m getting ready for another courtyard session this afternoon.

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7 thoughts on “sketching street style at LFW”

  1. I absolutely love that you decided to sketch street style. However, I don’t associate “utter lack of importance” with you. Your blog is completely different from the rest, you’re extremely intelligent and knowledgeable, which is going to be important in the long run. Even if they deserve to be everywhere for the quality of their work, bloggers’ first fashion weeks are never brimming with invitations (unless you’re a style blogger who managed to establish an enormous cult of personality around them in just a few months).

    It’s a kind of slow process, but you’ll get more invitations next season, and don’t take rejections as a sign that your work is not good enough (you probably know that, but still).

  2. Hi Eva,

    I was being a bit facetious. This is my third London fashion week, and my 12th season attending fashion weeks internationally – I’ve sketched at – and received invitations for – fashion weeks in Toronto, New York, Berlin, Paris and Milan. Perhaps I’m a bit over it… at least I am tonight. I’m tired. You’re damn right it’s a slow process.

    Thanks for the encouragement… and Lorna, I know the feeling!


  3. Ah, I did not know about your previous fashion week mileage! Like you said on Twitter the other day, then, other fashion weeks do a better job distributing invitations on merit rather than “connections” … which is a shame, really (a little voice is shouting in my head: “Go where they love you!”). I read that if you applied for a press accreditation at LFW this season, you had to give them your blog stats from the last 6 months. If it’s true, that’s crazy.

    You’re not a typical blogger, and it’s easier for people to categorize others though you might not fit that label. Obviously, to those brands who invited you to shows in Toronto, NY, Berlin etc., the fact you’re not a typical blogger is a plus. I think front rows in London will follow too.

  4. Wow these are great, wish I’d spotted you! In some respects it was harder for me to get tickets but I got a few shows in the BFC tents and with seated tickets at that! I think that bloggers are under so much scrutiny at the moment and it’s really hard being lumped in the same boat as people who were there for the wrong reasons.

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