click click – 20-04-12

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

Photographs of tailors at Henry Poole, 1944, courtesy of For Reference Only. Hat tip to Grumpy’s tumblr.

  • BRITTICISMS – a favourite tumblr feed, full of thoughtful personal vignettes and pop culture reflection. I’ve been listening and loving my way through her generous MIXICISMS music collection.
  • Crustypunks – portraits, personalities and philosophy from the marginal inhabitants of New York City’s Tompkins Square Park.
  • 142 Minutes with Cat Marnell – a rehab-bound beauty editor talks about the bond between product and addiction. Via this sensitive post on The Beheld.
  • Babes At The Museum – a blog full of pretty, culturally-minded girls at museums. Lovely and slightly squicky, though I can’t decide whether the squick factor is due to stalker-ish overtones or my own latent desire to be a museum babe. Also, why no boys on exhibit? Via Who Is Bobb Parris.
  • Chinese craze for English tattoos – I do adore all the lost-in-translation trends emerging out of the chaos of globalization.
  • Is Facebook Making Us Lonely – this is one of those must-read articles for every internet citizen. Considering how much of the web is a tangle of human neuroses is becoming an important part of understanding how to use this million-edged tool. Related, and even more unsettling: Malwebolence.

Karma for clickers –

  • Winkball – a little video of me talking about my scrubby Saturday outfit in Broadway Market. Watching myself on video is as excruciating as ever, maybe because this is way too accurately depicting the way I am.
  • Safra On Style “I’m on the computer 10 hours a day, and I read fashion magazines for 6. I also write for magazines, and, oh, yeah, I’m a fashion editor of some sort.”
  • 22/8“love the way the flash of colour works against tailored wardrobe pieces in dark colours”
  • my style canvas“As long as I can remember I’ve loved to draw girls in great outfits–guys sometimes too.”
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