click click – 14-05-12

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

NY-centric fashion photos from the collection of Fashion Carrousel, a treasure box of themed imagery. Via Lucie.

  • Jessica Stanley – Her collections of wordy, worthy links are wonderfully observant and insightful. She’s also got a way with images.
  • The Secret Sexy Life of Zippers – a bunch of stuff you didn’t have time to wonder about in the fraction of a second it took to zip your fly this morning.
  • Dirty Girls and Bad Feminists –  explains why internet feminism can be so inaccessible for the rest of us. I find the obsession with cultural orthodoxy to be anti-creative. When I see how the gay rights movement embraced and influenced mainstream culture so successfully, it’s frustrating to see feminism waste so much rhetoric fighting useful, sympathetic artifacts. Via Rachel.
  • Clinton addresses ‘au naturale’ moment – it’s such a pleasure to see Hillary Clinton finally relaxing into being strong and attractive on her own merits. She seemed so uncomfortable during the 2008 campaign – she’s not an innate power dresser, and I think the negative blowback regarding her appearance was because she looked disingenuous. Looking back at photos of her youth, her true style is natural and uncontrived, and now that she’s returning to her roots the public reaction is positive.
  • On Scars – on why women get more criticisim on their appearances than their work – and also some cogent advice on dealing with these failures of rational discourse.

Karma for fellow free spirits –

  • village verve“our style selection will appeal to the multifaceted woman with a fashion-forward spirit and varied wardrobe.”
  • NEW YORK YOST“a site about fashion, art and everyday life.”
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