click click – 26-05-12

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

When asked what initially inspired me to draw the way I do, I have to pay a debt to Betty and Veronica. As a child I remember absorbing back issues minutely, less on the stories than the girls and their clothes of course. Sometimes I even used a magnifying glass. These terrific scans from the 1960s are borrowed from the collection of fellow B&V fan club member Oh, for the love of Vintage!

  • Rise of the Anti-Lady Mag – this is the confusing title of an interesting discussion on the intersection of women and modern media. Very smart, articulate panelists.
  • Up From the Streets – the interfashionet’s current must-read is this rambling GQ profile of Scott Schuman. Nothing new is revealed, but it’s worth it for the footnotes.
  • Can using different types of models benefit brands? – boy dynamo Ben Barry has released his research findings, and they’re interesting to consider. I agree that ranking models by size only is silly and simplistic – like any creative field, talent ought to be the real measure of value. Still, I’m not totally convinced that a successful model should attempt to accurately reflect reality. I like it when models deliver beautiful lies.
  • Wise Words for Graduates – or Anybody, Really – comedians delivering convocation addresses – all emphasizing cogent advice on how to follow your dreams… and allowing your dreams to change along the way.
  • The Macroeconomics of Vajazzles – if you thought we could Vajazzle our way out of the economic crisis, think again.

Karma honey!

  • DIY Couture – this is a cute resource for those who would sew their own clothes… I’m going to be helping out at the paper doll station for a while at the book launch party in London on Tuesday – if you’re in town, come and check it out!
  • The Street Idle“A Toronto blog for those who sometimes treat fashion and life as a spectator’s sport”
  • The Perfect Nose“I’m only serious when-umm.. I’ll tell you when it happens.”
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5 thoughts on “click click – 26-05-12”

  1. Sweet tap dancing generic deity – I got a mention on finalfashion! Thanks for the link love, good thing I’m already horizontal or I’d get there involuntarily from the speed at which my head is inflating. This is a good reason to spend the rest of the day in bed.. Thanks also for the Betty-Veronica love- the only comics I could afford as a kid were ancient dilapidated issues of Archie comics, and the sight of those gorgeous vintage styles = *thundering-sh*tstorms, tsunami of nostalgia*

  2. All this talk of paper dolls is making me quite faint. How I’d love to visit you at the paper doll Station on Tuesday but have a date with Limp Biskit. Enjoy! From the editor of The Paperdoll Circle.

  3. Lorna, skipping out on paper dolls for a date with Limp Bizkit?? This is one of my favourite ever comments! =) =) =)

    theperfectnose – spooky, I didn’t include the baldheretic in this post?? And it’s too bad that link is dead because it’s a good cautionary tale.

    Nadia – at the time I just sort of absorbed it, but you’re right, there was a lot of weird relationship stuff in these comics! I never even realized…

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