modecast – third edition

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The third, and perhaps final, Modecast was a bit more freeform… so Barima and I babble on about dressing to kill, the best of the bulge, and problematic rifles… as well as paying homage to our favourite half-Canadian fake cable talk show team.

I’ve treated Modecast like my silly sandbox… usually I’m quite earnest on the blog, but part of what I love about fashion is the unintentionally ludicrous. So I’ve attempted to create the sort of chat show I’d want to watch – fashion media that is intentionally ludicrous. This has confirmed that I have very niche taste in video-blogs, so I’m tremendously grateful to our handful of observers, and especially those who contributed their bit by chat. And of course, big thanks to the inimitable Barima for being my bent man on this trip. It’s been swell.

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