click click – 01-07-12

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

These striking photos record how student demonstrators in Montreal are wearing the red square as a symbol of the right to gather in protest, and access to to higher education. See more and learn more at Worn Journal.

Karma for karma’s sake…

  • The Make Escape – a cute monthly craft social in Hackney that I’ve participated in a couple of times. Great way to meet new people and get your hands working on something other than a keyboard.
  • vivart dream – “I’m an aspiring designer, author, actress, singer, and artist. In other words…Super Girl!”
  • Awkward Stage“amazing people are working on wonderful empires right in our own back yard”
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4 thoughts on “click click – 01-07-12”

  1. About how to do what you love: what holds most of us back is fear. Our entire education system sets us up for a stable 9 to 5. When we’re young, choosing our careers, we feel our whole lives at ahead of us so we have plenty of time to make money and do what we love in our spare time. But work often tires us out for many hobbies and after a while, we get comfortable with the routine. At that point, it’s really hard to give up the security. When we’re middle age, we don’t have to same appetite for risk or the energy for the hard work it takes to change course. So we get stuck. That’s why it’s so important when you’re young, to take many risks to chase your dreams, when there’s less to lose when you fall on your face. At the very worst, you can try your best to land a dream career, start a business, etc. and decide a 9-5 works better for you later.

  2. Thanks for sharing-I really like these summary link posts-so much cool stuff all in one place. Oh and I thought you might find this cool. I really liked it (and I”m not a dubstep fan -in general) .

  3. VVires, thanks for offering your thoughts, I totally agree! I’m actually working on an article for a magazine right now about this very subject.

    theperfectnose – glad you enjoy… thanks for the link. I’m not a fan of robots usually but I do have a guilty affection for dubstep =)

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