click click – 26-07-12

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

I have been half-watching Edie Sedgewick’s factory films Poor Little Rich Girl and Beauty #2 in the background as I work this week. These films are full of it. More factory ephemera here.

  • Paris is Burning – Anita introduced me to this incredible documentary about the emergence and evolution of Voguing.
  • Experts on North Korea Can See a Lot in a Hemline – one of the only contemporary examples of how cultural protectionism functions practically is North Korea, so it’s fascinating to see how small shifts in fashion can be so significant in a very controlled, isolated environment.
  • Who let the blondes out? – Kelly Korducki says, “Blondeness is power. It’s post-aspirational.” I agree. Also on Blood.Guts.Hands: body hair and mixed signifiers.
  • Condé Nast Salaries:  How Much Do Those Editors Really Make? – these numbers were higher than I expected. Then I read about how everyone else thinks they’re quite low. It seems I have a poor sense of what a lot of money is, perhaps because of how much a fashion illustrator really makes.
  • What does it mean to be cool? – like beauty and sexual attractiveness, there is a cool ‘ideal’ that is formed when many subjective, individual conceptions of ‘cool’ overlap. This article explores how that overlap has shifted since ‘cool’ became a thing. Found in this excellent link post on Nextness.
  • Fabric Bike – creative Canadian girl crush.

Karma, merci.

and finally, an overdue post-script…

  • guessing this is about final fashion – wherein I respond to an indirect reader reaction, to explain where a bad post came from. Confusing, controversial, and cryptic digital emissions are cover-ups for something we think we can’t post about.


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