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My most recent art fascination has been the work of Yves Klein, whose obsession with infinite skies and the colour blue resonates with my own spiritual proclivities so vividly. His signature “international” blue vibrates in my mind, and I don’t want to look away. I long to see this colour without the lens of the computer monitor. I discovered his story through this wonderful BBC series on art and colour, and his photo composite “Leap into the Void” is a new personal philosophical momento of mine.

  • Strawberry Fields Whatever – it is amazing when you lose track of a beloved blogger only to rediscover them all over again. Laura Jane Fauld‘s now-defunct site, was an old favourite blog, and her new site contains much more to love.
  • How I Built A Fashion Brand With No Experience – an interesting talk by a young NYC entrepreneur who created a niche brand, using the internet to bypass as many layers of industry conventions as possible. Via Isaac Likes.
  • Shamepuff – the inevitable product of fashion blogging’s crisis of conscience is this site, airing criticism that is harsh but often fair. It seems that finally the painful, un-pretty discussion of whether fashion bloggers are “helping or hurting ourselves” has found its forum.
  • Jane Pratt’s Perpetual Adolescence – I was born too late to be a Sassy reader and never liked Jane’s blend of alt-Cosmo celebrity pandering, and I think Pratt’s True Confessions style website represents the worst type of influence on modern female media creators… but I believe her Warholian presence is well worth keeping a wary eye on. Aside, the expansion of The Cut is terrific, and I can’t wait to see it take on NYFW.
  • Ask Me Don’t Tell Me – Ryan of For Everybody often uncovers unlikely subcultural artifacts, and this newsreel-style documentary of youth gangs doing community work in 1960s San Francisco is an excellent example.

Karma foreva…

  • The Tree Topper“Darian sees no reason why the artistic decoration of trees cannot be a year round pursuit.”
  • the life + blog of Kitty N. Wong“I blog about making art, dressing up and living a delicious, creative life.”
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2 thoughts on “click click – 19-08-12”

  1. Thanks for the blog karma, Danielle.
    At first glance those Yves Klein images could be images of Mars from the Curiosity voyage, which by the way has an awesome Instagram feed.

    I like to imagine the Curiosity bot snapping pics and then choosing the best filter, it’s all very future-cute.

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