drawing – portrait exchange with Jonathan Pryce

My friend Jonathan, who is the keen eye behind Another Garçon and 100 Beards, 100 days, offered me a portrait exchange. Jonathan is brilliant at bringing out the best in his subjects, even camera-shy ones like me. Thank you Jonathan!

I just did some loose sketches from imagination using markers, and it turns out these gamine models inhabit my subconscious.

This portrait of Jonathan is the result of a loose sketch thrown down over a couple pints in Shoreditch, which I then took back to the studio and refined. I have impostor syndrome when it comes to portraits – I tend to do idealizations not likenesses. Jonathan has fine features and such sharp eyes, I think I managed to capture a fair approximation.

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7 thoughts on “drawing – portrait exchange with Jonathan Pryce”

  1. The first photo of you has the most adorable touch of 80s — the glasses, blazer, Melanie Griffith raked-through hair — but actually chic, which is tres hard to do! Your style has really evolved so marvelously.

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