annual renewal

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At the end of 2012, I spent 10 days at my parent’s place in Eastern Ontario, offline, off the grid, and out of cell phone range. This is what it looked like outside. I stayed inside mostly, experiencing something like a physical collapse and a brainwipe. I read a 600 page book by Jeremy Rifkin, a history of notable Americans who lived in Paris, and a half a dozen back issues of The New Yorker. Rolled in the snow with my niece and nephew. Played Scrabble with Mom and Dad. I slept a lot.

On January 1st, I moved into a new apartment and a new studio in Toronto, where I’ll be living at least a year. Since then, I have been unpacking what remains of the old studio, installing, furniture shopping, email deficit spending, etcetera. Once it’s done, I’ll lift the curtain.

I always love New Year’s… this one is newer than usual.

Danielle Meder by Stella Zheng


My mind-cleaning left me with a ton of new ideas, and I’m really excited to collect a best of 2012 once I have everything organized. This studio is going to be a launch pad. In the meantime, check out this wonderful photo of me by Stella Zheng, who also interviewed me about live sketching. This photo was taken during the Fashion Fringe show at London Fashion Week on September 18, 2012. I’m going back to New York for fashion week in February… hopefully this scene will be repeated.

To every visitor, thank you sincerely for your readership, interest, participation and support. Wishing you a beautiful annual renewal of your own!

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