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Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

andy warhol objects 1

Objects, photographed by Andy Warhol between 1977 and 1983, via The Factory. The first few links relate to the world of objects in some way…

  • Artistry and Agency in a World of Vibrant Matter – what does it mean to be ultra-sensitive to the autonomous desires of inanimate objects in an era where objects are so abundant they’re virtually worthless? A provocative and slightly loopy lecture. Via Timo.
  • Daniel Eatock – splitting the difference between too simple and too clever, this conceptual artist’s work (including many object-based punchlines) reveals its brilliance when viewed in chronological sequence.
  • How Tide Detergent Became a Drug Currency – good branding works in the black market too. Did you ever think soap could be as much of a status statement as the clothes it launders? This story makes you consider the those fluorescent containers in a whole new way. Via Matty.
  • Joe Eula fashion illustrations for Halston – a wonderful collection of design sketches from the keen eye and quick hand of the master.
  • “Privileged White People” and Art – fascinating conversation on the absence of narrative or political comment in modern abstraction – and a theory of how growing up in the nineties produced such polite young bohemians. Via Brittany.
  • Retro photography from the future – viewing nostalgia through a futurist’s lens.

andy warhol objects 2


Because, karma.

  • Tara Aghdashloo – the first sketch of the year, inspired by my vivacious friend Tara.
  • Ana Kinsella – includes one of my posts among some excellent fashion-focused long reads.
  • A Sewing Life“At twenty I knitted, at thirty I worked in an office, in my forties I sew.”
  • Forever out of place“many think I am a scientist. But I am not – I just love to mess up in the lab!”
  • youlookfab“Share outfits, chat about style and get advice from a friendly community.”
  • Dossie Bubble’s PAPER DOLLS “FREE CUT-OUTS”
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