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Gilda Radner, my kind of style icon. Being somewhat scruffy by inclination, it is reassuring to see wild hair and an oversized wool jacket look so… rad. Nice validation for me copping out style-wise at NYFW. Via I’m Fine. It’s Nothing.

  • Don’t Take it Personal – this feels like heresy to write, but what is up with all the petulant missives from fashion’s elite wordsmiths this season? Menkes thinks fashion week used to be better in the 1980s before all this relentless change happened. Horyn tells us if we want context, just google it, she’s too busy. And Givhan gives us that cliché “not doing fashion week this season, darling, it’s so phony“. I crave applied wisdom on the fascinating, twin-fire evolution of fashion and media this season, which I’m watching with genuine enthusiasm and curiosity. Instead, I’m reading grandmas grumbling. I guess I’ll just have to develop my own insights if I can’t get them from the pros. Not all fashion bloggers are clothespins, eh?
  • J.W. Anderson Re-See – you know who is giving fashion writers a run for their money? Fashion designers that can articulate their own collections. Anderson is the most interesting, forward ‘young’ designer working now, belonging in the same category as Ford, Jacobs and Lagerfeld when it comes to being able to talk as well as design. Here, he implausibly denies the calculated shock value of his notorious Fall 2013 menswear, and persuasively emphasizes the necessity of pushing fashion ahead.
  • The Wonderful Wooly World of Hacked Knitting Machines – speaking of moving forward, here is a nerdy subculture that offers an incredible opportunity for applying the digital aesthetic to knitted textiles. The possibilities here for fashion are so exciting. Via Timo.
  • Fashion Blogging Culture: Demanding Substance Over Style – Garçonnière has collected a great selection of content related to fashion blogging’s wacky crisis of conscience and connects the dots with her own cogent thoughts. The mainstreaming of fashion blogging creates an almost irresistible pressure to be dumber and more boring – is there anything to be done about it? The answer is yes, we can be smart and different – but we can’t also be popular. Related: is it too late to start a fashion blog? Also, fake swag is a thing?
  • Paris Hilton Nostalgia – is it-ness in the girl, or the culture? Rachel R. White explores this perennial topic through the night-vision lens and takes us back to the aughties, and our forgotten hardcore heiress.

gilda radner 2

Karma for incoming linkers and commenters –

  • Lot 65“I’m a Librarian with a love for style.”
  • Rue la la“Inspiration every day.”
  • Tricia Hall“a stylist blog”
  • Monica Wellington“Children’s Book Author and Illustrator.”
  • La Femme“my lifelong obsession with style, both modern and historical, as well as travel, film, photography and street art.”


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4 thoughts on “click click – 20-02-13”

  1. I love that article on fashion blogging. I agree that we can be different, but we have to settle on being unpopular. I love to write lenghty commentary on fashion history or fashion terminology, but it goes nowhere. It’s a shame!

  2. As always you’ve shared some seriously interesting stuff – some great articles! Look forward to digging into those.

    Also – thanks for the shoutout! 🙂

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