live sketching at BCBGMAXAZRIA Fall 2013

bcbg backstage 1

Every time I go to a fashion week, I send out lots of little emails to PR people requesting to attend fashion shows. I explain who I am and what I do. I rarely have a recognizable media client to mention when I go to shows (the sketches tend to find their owners after the fact), so if I ever get into a show it’s just on my own modest merits. Often, I am ignored, politely declined, or given a standing ticket which makes sketching a kind of acrobatic act. Sketches done while standing are rarely worth posting.

So imagine my surprise when BCBGMAXAZRIA emailed me back with total enthusiasm for my work, a seated ticket and a backstage pass! I’ve never received such a positive response from a major label like that before and so bright and early this morning I was backstage at the tents, sketching my heart out.

photo by Roman Yee 1 web

This is what I looked like, in case you wondered. Thanks to Roman Yee for the photo! The staff backstage were incredibly accommodating. A security guard helped me find a low-traffic piece of floor for me to sit with an excellent view of the dressing and staging area. She even watched over me to make sure no one stepped on me. Having the time before the show to warm up was invaluable, and I even got photographed and interviewed a few times.

bcbg backstage 2

The models were all natural beauties with long insouciant hair and wicked over-the-knee boots.

bcbg backstage 3

Once I slipped into the massive, packed runway room, I was amazed that a PR girl saw me with my stack of paper and brushes in hand, grabbed me and placed me in not one but TWO seats, so I had a place to set my paintings once they were done. This was incredibly useful because I’m working in a larger format this season, 10″ x 18″.

bcbg 1

While I was sketching my neighbour took an awesome little time-lapse video of me working on the sketch above. How cool is this?bcbg 2

The looks were so much fun to draw, bundled-up LA cool girls in graphic furs, cropped swing jackets and long sheer tunics.


bcbg 3

This was without a doubt the greatest live-sketching experience I’ve ever had at any runway show ever. Heartfelt thanks to BCBGMAXAZRIA for making it happen, what an incredible way to start New York Fashion Week.


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15 thoughts on “live sketching at BCBGMAXAZRIA Fall 2013”

  1. This is so awesome-I’m so excited for you-the next step in your evolution as a live fashion artist-and I’m here to see it (and cheer from the sidelines which are actually a world away but still). And the nytimes mention as well-Super! I’m so happy for you I have nothing coherent to say anymore so I’ll stop. Hugs and cheers though!

  2. OMG !! I am so impressed !! You are amazing ! Your drawing are fantastic! How can you draw that fast and so well. I wish I can do that. I am only starting in fashion and can’t barely do a figure in proportions and a straight line, in 3 hours… :-S
    Well done really. You give me hope and confirm why I love fashion so much.
    Thanks so much.

  3. Hi Danielle Your Mother called me to tell me about your big day in the Times. Ironically, I had been reading the Times every day for the past week when I was visiting friends in Austin. Keep up the good work. If the pic is in the print version I’ll have my friends send it.

  4. amazeballs.

    so proud of you, danielle. i am always happy to hear and see when others recognize, acknowledge and celebrate your talent.

    keep it going!

  5. holaa..
    happy to read this post..
    u r totally blessed danielle..
    keep on sketching ur heart out that can create a stack of luck..;)

  6. Kudos to BCBGMAXAZRIA for giving you a break…keep those magic pens
    at it and you will make it.

  7. What a fun post. I loved seeing you at work. I could totally relate to that watercolor set you are using. It is beautiful in itself. The sketches are awesome! Now, I want to go find where I buried mine. You are very inspiring. Lots of luck on this new journey.

  8. You did a fantastic job! I’m so inspired by the fact that you persist in contacting these companies – that’s what it takes! I’m so glad bcbg gave you such an awesome experience that resulted in these gorgeous sketches!

  9. I honestly rarely post any comments on blogs but you are amazing and a true talent! So glad I was introduced to your website!

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