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evelyn doll on fridge

My niece Evelyn just turned five years old with much fanfare and excitement. One of the greatest things about being back in Toronto is being able to be an active Auntie again, so I get to participate in fun kid stuff – for me, that means doll play. For her major milestone, I created a magnet doll which we coloured in together with markers. It’s my first ever kid-doll and since it was so well received, I thought I’d offer it as a free download. Get it here and share it with the moppets in your life.

Evelyn Magnet Doll 1

You can get magnet paper kits from major stationary stores. You can either send it through your printer – or if your printer isn’t up to it, you can print it off on regular paper and glue it on to the magnet paper. Colour in with markers or what-have-you, carefully cut her out, stick her on your fridge, and have fun!

Evelyn Magnet Doll 2

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  1. Merci beaucoup pour ces superbes poupées, beaucoup de plaisirs en perspective pour ma petite fille et ces amies.

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