in photos – sketching on the iPad

Danielle Meder by Raymund Galsim

I’m not the type of fashion blogger who enjoys for posing for photos. Most of the photos of me at fashion week show my head down, back hunched over a pad of paper, oblivious to the camera. Lucky for me, there are professionals out there who insist on capturing me at work using more attractive angles.

Above, at the VAWK show in Toronto I was shot by Raymund Galsim. It’s a good thing I insisted on an iPad cover with a high visual hierarchy, I love how it’s picked up in the model’s lips. Below, I’m shown deep in the audience at the DVF show in New York working Paper, by Georg Petschnigg of FiftyThree.

If you’re curious to see the results of my first fashion season of iPad sketching, check out the complete portfolio here, and my own top selections from the WWD on Paper portfolio here.

Danielle Meder by Georg Petschnigg

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2 thoughts on “in photos – sketching on the iPad”

  1. Fantastic work, Danielle!
    Love your live sketches for FLARE, and enjoyed lots your comments on contexts and concepts for each stylist!
    Love the flashes of your live working by the pro photographers!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Best regards,

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