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Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

Neal Cassady and Ann Murphy 2

Became curious about Neal Cassady recently – a kind of it-boy, speed-freak inspiration to the influential writers who knew him, with captivating expressions and an anti-conventional conversational style. Photos – with attribution – here. More on Cassady here and here.

  • The Source – interesting documentary about the beat movement, of course featuring more Cassady moments. To see Cassady in his Merry Prankster incarnation, among so much more terrific footage, I recommend watching Magic Trip (worth the $).
  • Finger Painting – elder fashion creatives Celia Birtwell and Stephen Jones chat (including a revealing, poignant admission of professional regret) and do something in analog that many are now doing with digital – painting with fingertips instead of holding a drawing tool – something I did for this project. Any opportunity to observe drawing in process – and the successes and failures involved in taking on a new technique – is a pleasurable peek into the mind of an artist.
  • How Memes Are Orchestrated By The Man – the rise and fall of youtube dance fads is like a compressed fashion trend cycle, somehow both joyfully trivial and profoundly insidious. Another Harlem Shakedown worth listening to is on the Slate Culture Gabfest. Also in music – the lineage of the Amen Break.
  • What Will Induce Nostalgia in 2033? – a consideration of cultural myopia – for the more fashion focused version, check Refinery29. Seems that it’s still to early, in 2013, to be able to reduce the 00s to outlines.
  • My Gucci Addiction – finally fashion memoir that is truly an urgent must-read. Now jonesing for more, better fashion memoirs.
  • Who Watches the Watchmen – complementary to these thoughts, collectors cards of fashion journalists past and present by fashion blog pioneer Diane Pernet.
  • Fashion is a Foreign Language – revelatory blog post about why nerds gravitate towards historical costumes and corsets. Another subset who are attracted to corsets = fashion students. Via The Grumpy Owl, these short videos offer a simulacra of talking to Ryan.
  • Can Your Style Survive Google Glass? – “wearables” is the watchword for future computers, and the prototypes as expected, appear awkward and provoke weird reactions. The possibilities here are just wild.

Neal Cassady and Ann Murphy 1

All you need is karma,

  • blank stare, {blink} – “I wanted to run up to them, the front row seats and beyond, shake their expensive shoulders and scream, “Look where you are! Look what you get paid to do!”
  • IFB – my favourite writer at Independent Fashion Bloggers, Ashe, included me on a list of worthy wordy fashion bloggers. Honoured!
  • The Lingerie Lesbian“I’m a lady who likes ladies and I have an unhealthy obsession with cute panties, corsets & garter belts”
  • Style Algorithm“A Slow Fashion Blog”
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