click click – 11-04-13

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girl interrupted angelina jolie coat

Which Fall 2013 fashion show references from these two film stills? A critical pictorial reviewer, LYNN and HORST juxtaposes images, showing you the visual connections that positions collections in the cultural continuum. A stellar recommendation from John Michael of 1972 Projects.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

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2 thoughts on “click click – 11-04-13”

  1. ahh it still breaks my heart when i stumble across an old post and see her comments. im having a hard time following up on her case. you?

  2. Hi Joy,

    I found that ‘teen girl tumblr’ post that was getting passed around made me feel awful, I hate to see Elisa used as a morbid metaphor to describe an aesthetic. Her case is getting weirdly sensationalized/romanticized, I feel a need to avoid it in the news, and just remember her as a curious person who liked to share what she enjoyed. She had excellent taste in blogs (if I do say so), I’ve really been enjoying yours.

    I have a bit of a feeling of guilt about Elisa – because I found her correspondence overwhelming (she was an intense person IRL and online), I didn’t always respond to her messages/texts. I know it’s irrational, I hope she would forgive me for being so unreliable.

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