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mask by samira boon 2

I think I came across these unusual styles by Samira Boon by googling “designer face masks”. Via Actually BLOG.

  • From Little Fanny to Fluffy Ruffles: The Scrappy History of Paper Dolls – this is just wonderful, featuring lots of information about the history of paper dolls I’ve never read before. Thanks Nick.
  • The Alchemists of Sound – terrific documentary about the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and early innovations in electronic music.
  • You Are Not An Artisan – I do like the concept of “conspicuous production” as it does describe a lot of economic activity I like to call the “vanity economy”. I also agree that the fashion for nostalgic, retro businesses can be absurd given the digital world we now inhabit. However, I disagree that “conspicuous production” is a new thing, it’s just that nowadays a lot more of us can afford to do it. I also dislike the premise that occupations have to be “profitable” endeavours to be useful or worthwhile. Once our basic needs are taken care of, why shouldn’t the opportunity to attempt art, and possibly enjoy admiration for it be regarded as just as valuable to the quality of human life as material wealth? Via Assaf.
  • Why You Should Never Have Taken That Prestigious Internship – further to the previous link, another long piece exploring the unfortunate effects of status as currency. Is every job a fashion job now?
  • Two Flowers by Three People – Tao Lin has an ugly habit of manipulating a female subject into saying compromising things – that struck me when I discovered his work via the Bebe Zeva documentary. Here, Sarah Nicole Prickett takes control of the conversation. Prickett got her start as a fashion writer, and her work is still aesthetically driven. Unlike Lin she upholds the role of beauty in writing, just as she does in appearances. Eyeliner versus drip.
  • The Fascinating Fashion Evolution of Iran’s State-Imposed Modesty Garments –  despite laws restricting their choices, the changing fashions of Iran reveal the beauty, ingenuity, and political views of Iranian women. I love how in places where fashion is repressed, it always re-emerges regardless. Fashion is never finished. Via Tara.

mask by samira boon 1

Karma if you wanna –

  • The Style Monster “Part time 12 year old bubblegum-riot queen of the faeries. “
  • DC in Style“Inspired by beautiful books, fairy tales, mysterious castles and colorful dreams”
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