coming up – modecast: the chromatic edition

Modecast Chroma

I am working on an exciting new project with performance artist and impresario Rea McNamara, and to celebrate I’m resurrecting my personal fashion media meltdown, Modecast! It’s a little internet chat show where we can get geeky about matters of style, and everyone’s invited to join in if they like that kind of thing.

Rea and I are both fascinated with the transformative power of style and the profound symbolism of colour, and we’re going to be rapping about such things with a bottle of red wine on Monday August 12 at 9pm EST. Please RSVP and join the virtual party!

Guess what else? I will be sketching our style and colour advice, live! So please come with clothing queries, life ambitions, and any problems you need solved, and we’ll offer a visual sartorial prescription custom tailored to enhance your life and enable you to achieve your wildest dreams in style.


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2 thoughts on “coming up – modecast: the chromatic edition”

  1. Will you record it? Can I play it back later (I’d be happy to RSVP for the privilege)?

    Ooo, and I have a question/challenge for you. Can I send it in advance? Thanks!

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