click click – 11-10-13

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.


Wonderful photos of women from LIFE Magazine in the 1970s. Above, Comedienne Phyllis Diller listening to the heart of a young woman during a ‘Stop Smoking Cruise’. 1970.” Below, “Bizarrely dressed woman spectator at Watergate hearings. June, 1973.” But this one is my favourite.

  • KANYE WEST – ZANE LOW FULL INTERVIEW – if you haven’t heard it yet, LISTEN! This is not an interview about music – West is preaching fashion.
  • Why Does Saint Laurent’s Spring 2014 Look Cheap? – I enjoy Slimane’s Saint Laurent collections, perhaps for all the wrong reasons. I find it fascinating to watch a designer tip fashion’s most sacred cow, so to speak. Here my Chromatherapy collaborator Rea speculates that the currency Slimane is after is attention – and for that, nothing works better than provoking the critics with straight-up ugly.
  • The Power of Colour – terrific radio trilogy about my current obsession.
  • When Clothes No Longer Make the Man – an op-ed about trends in using fashion in historical and contemporary fiction. Do you agree that modern fashion is about “self-protective understatement”, or do clothing choices still reveal something essential about character?
  • Good Morning Sinners… with Warren Ellis – if you’re as into the futile art of futurism as I am, you’ll enjoy this column. Hat tip Thom.
  • The Real Jessica Rabbit – excellent bit of vintage ephemera here, the forgotten real-life pinup inspiration for the sexiest ‘toon.
  • Chasing Tommy Ton – what makes Ton so amazing as a street-style photographer is his finely focused understanding of fashion’s details, yet it’s his ability to have a clear-sighted conception of where his own career fits into the bigger picture that makes him even more compelling as a creative. A delightful, revealing short documentary.



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