click click – 28-10-13

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Film stills of the ever-enchanting Marlene Dietrich in “Morocco” (1931) – via GlamAmor.

  • Yes Logo: On the Revival of Logomania – logos are back, but this time around we’re into subverting the emphasis on authentication.
  • Real Life Ukrainian Barbie – VICE’s documentaries are at their best when they allow the subjects to speak for themselves, without any commentary or mockery.
  • Follow For More: Screen Shots of Soft Culture – online visual subcultures offer a glimpse into how fashion functions in a post-material world.
  • Lanvin in the library: Why and how fashion schools maintain archives of clothing – I spent many hours alone in the Ryerson costume archives when it was just a dark closet that no one knew about – that’s the kind of fashion student I was. Now it’s been brought into the light for all to enjoy!
  • Sebastian Horseley – the late dandy records his experience walking for Comme des Garcons. If languid depravity amuses you, the rest of the archives are worth digging through.
  • Mysteries and Scandals – Clara Bow – this is a pretty cheesy show, but when I was sick in bed it was the perfect distraction, there’s loads of them on Youtube. It’s fascinating to see from a distance which old scandals are remembered and which were successfully concealed, and many shows were a disheartening reminder of how so many famous female stars were exploited and tolerated abusive relationships despite their money and fame. Of course, it’s also striking to discover what happens to people after they’re young and famous, as they grow old and leave their notoriety behind them.


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3 thoughts on “click click – 28-10-13”

  1. Aw, the fashion archive article is awesome! I got to see dresses stored like that being unpacked when the garments for the Modern Love Bendigo exhibit were being setup. It’s so exciting! XD Thanks for sharing that!

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