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Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.


A cautionary tale about profligacy, Hogarth’s engravings are an ever-incisive exposition of the dangers of fashion for fools.

  • The Textile Blog – this lovely niche blog uses textiles as a lens to discuss much larger issues – cultural influences, authorship, collectivism, inequality, obscurity, environment. Describing it as a blog about fabric really doesn’t do it justice.
  • Full Interview with Betsey and Lulu Johnson on their New Reality Show “XOX Betsey Johnson” – this unedited interview probably reveals more than a reality show ever could. Even though she’s in her 70s, Johnson isn’t about to give up the spotlight, which is somehow simultaneously admirable and alarming.
  • Conference Chic, or, How to Dress Like an Anthropologist – some of the nerdiest fashion advice I’ve ever read, it comes off as both a parody of service journalism AND academic writing.
  • Delusional Downtown Divas – looking at Lena Dunham’s pre-GIRLS work is fascinating, perhaps because she draws on her specific experiences as a Manhattan art brat, so it is more personal, less polished, more elitist and less accessible than her television show. ALSO: check out her first feature, Creative Nonfiction.
  • Cat Marnell and Richard Kern with Porochista Khakpour – this panel is ostensibly about the East Village, but I think what it’s really about is fame.
  • Net Artist Daily – a short-lived meta-ironic tabloid that satirizes the “net art” scene. The subcultural specificity here is almost impenetrable to an outsider, but it serves as a helpful “who’s who” for net art novices like myself. ALSO: NAD-featured artist Ann Hirsch shares her gURLs text, which she performed at the same event as Rachel’s piece.
  • It’s All About the Squinch – this headshot specialist does big business by understanding the nuances of expression to flatter his clients – for anyone with a professional interest in faces, this is very practical information. ALSO: check out his jawline video.


Karma giftie…

  • A Creative Reality“I am just a positive chic slightly obsessed with the creativity expressed in everyday life.”
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