Muffler Kings

As the first heat of summer is upon us, I’m sure the last thing we’re all thinking about is winter clothes. Yet scarves are the subject of today’s back page flashback! Somehow I managed to tie it (sorry) to 21st century menswear’s ever-elongating torso. This was originally published in the October 2014 issue of Globe Style Advisor.

manket illustration

It’s not often enough that menswear delivers a novelty trend that is so easily improvised it could become ubiquitous. Fall 2014 has blessed us with big scarves, scarves as big as blankets.

Directional menswear has, for some time, been minimizing the legs with tighter pants, higher cuffs, shorter inseams and lower crotches, while also maximizing the torso with longer shirts or even tunic shapes. The oversized scarf takes the fetishization of the extra-long, languid, top heavy torso to its most unnatural extreme yet – this time at the expense of the head.

A scarf as big as a blanket is a good visual trick for any would-be fashion hero – it broadens the chest and shoulders. It also provides many opportunities to perform the very charming, insouciant gesture of tossing it on and off, and conveys the look of a gentleman who is always ready to warm a cold companion. Canadian men, this look lets you capitalize on your climate for a change.

Of course, a resourceful man may wish to repurpose a blanket instead of purchasing the designer equivalent. Please don’t wrap your Spiderman sleeping bag around you like a cape, though. To achieve the optimal effect, pull the blanket off your horse and throw it around the shoulders in such a way as to suggest you’re on a quest.

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